My Diamond Loper


Kiki Forsyth owner

 Cris Forsyth and I Got My Groove On


Marcy Parsons and Rocked N Loaded


 Grace Bors & The Towns Talkin

" Reggie"

Olivia Nesbitt & Flashin My Goods " Jackson"

Nalani with Zipper & CW

Jane Rollison and Redd Redd Wine

" Farrah"

Grace Mahan & Just To See You Smile " Belle"

And Shameless Zipper "Zipper"

 Kiki Forsyth and Annie

 Rhyan Sepulveda and Rj Radical Reaction  "Bubba"

 Melissa Marden & Hugging Comments

 Stephanie Evans and A Sweet Assingment

" Cooper"

Rider & Horse Teams

Valerie Angel & Romeo